Professional information

Professional information


Dagens Medicin

Dagens Medicin in Denmark was started in 1997. It is today the market leader in the Danish market for medical journals. The target group for Dagens Medicin in Denmark is mainly doctors. The newspaper Dagens Medicin is distributed for free to all Danish doctors and has a circulation of 21.300 copies.

Netdoktor is Denmark’s leading health website. It offers continuously updated medical information for the Danish general public and is providing educational services and generates patient insights to a wide range of companies in the life science sector.




Meditsiiniuudised is a bi-weekly leading Estonian news provider for health-care professionals, mostly medical doctors and pharmacists. Monthly Terviseuudised is a free paper which targets visitors in supermarkets and health centers. The team of medical papers also organizes tens of events a year for health sector professionals.



Deutsche Gesundheits Nachrichten

News portal focusing on health care related news and information



Dagens Medisin

Dagens Medisin in Norway was started in 1998. The paper is bi-weekly and is distributed for free to all employed Norwegian doctors and has a total circulation of 25 800 copies. The web site has 84 000 unique visitors weekly and provides the readers with the latest news from the health sector. Our main editorial focus is on medical, news, research, health politics, debate and chronicles. In addition, Dagens Medisin Norway have events thru DM Arena and have a niche product for pharma and pharmaceutical news thru DM Pharma which is subscription-based newsletter. is a health website for the public with about 160 000 unique visitors per week. In 2012 was split into two parts, one for the public and one for professionals ( pro).



Puls Medycyny

Puls Medycyny was established in 2000 in Poland, a big market for medical information with over 100 000 doctors, but also very competitive. Puls Medycyny has a total circulation of 24 000 copies. In 2007 Puls Farmacji was started as a biweekly newspaper for pharmacists.

Puls Farmacji

Puls Farmacji is a monthly newspaper, addressed to pharmacists. The web site is targeting Polish doctors and pharmacists, only for professionals, registered users.



Medicina danes

Medicina danes is issued bi-weekly with controlled circulation. Its subscribers are doctors, dentists and pharmacists. The most essential part of the newspaper is news from public and private health care sector, as well as news about professional and legal aspects of medical professionals’ work.

Viva, medicina in ljudje

Viva, medicina in ljudje is a magazine with news from the medical and health-care area targeted at lay public. In each issue, focus is put on a number of medical areas and the latest therapies in medicine, looking for integrated solutions to maintain health and promote healthy lifestyle. It is published 10 times per year, distributed to own subscribers as well as subscribers of Finance.



Netdoktor is Sweden’s leading health website for the general public. The business offers patients and dependants up-to-date medical information and possibility to engage in market surveys, education, recruitment to clinical trials and other partner offerings. Netdoktor aims to enlighten all patients and increase the patient’s ability to take charge of her health situation.