Børsen Academy

Our e-Learning program is offering training of personal skills in both MS Office programs and other tools based on e-Learning courses. More than 300,000 persons have developed their skills with the help of our e-Learning. We offer e-Learning courses in different Window’s programs to customers who wish to do their own learning, at a time and place they decide themselves.



NHI is a developer of e-learning courses for doctors, other health professions and patients. NHI is the publisher of Norsk Elektronisk Legehåndbok (NEL), a medical reference source for doctors, health care workers and patients.



ArsLege is the largest online service for lawyers in Poland. Additionally, ArsLege offers test preparation for professional qualification exams for civil
engineers, stockbrokers, property valuers, architects and others, as well as an online legal database ArsLege has over 100,000 quizzes, professional tests.


Bonnier Academy

Bonnier Academy is a digital pure play education company operating in several sectors in Sweden. In addition to tailored educational offerings, the business has a large repository of off-the-shelf courses in School, HR, GDPR, Security and Healthcare.


Medibas is the leading provider of knowledge and decision support services to Swedish primary care and reaches over two thirds of primary care physicians in Sweden. The product contains a large repository of continuously updated medical information for professionals and patients alike.