Bonnier Business to Business is a part of Bonnier AB, which is responsible for Bonnier’s B2B business both nationally and internationally. Bonnier Business to Business publishes business news and several niche publications targeted at decision-makers in the private and public sectors. Bonnier Business to Business has an extensive portfolio of magazines, periodicals and guides in printed form and online. In addition, Bonnier Business to Business produces digital training, educational platforms and conferences in several countries. Currently, the company is active in ten countries.

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Business news

The daily newspapers have always been and still are, one of the main products in Bonnier B2B’s product portfolio. We aim to bring decision-makers across all industries relevant and qualitative business news reporting in order to keep our customers up to date and informed on all business matters. read more

Professional information

Bonnier B2B caters to the professional communities through a wide array of specialized reporting. We deliver insight from more than 25 different niches across our markets and constantly strive to provide accurate, relevant and actionable information to an increasingly specialized business environment. Our products range from printed newspapers and magazines to niched newsletters and business information solutions. read more


To provide our customers with insight and knowledge on all the latest trends in business we arrange more than 1,000 conferences and events across all our markets. The Gazelle award is hosted on a multitude of locations throughout our markets. Because we know that the heart of the business, is the entrepreneur. read more



High-quality education and innovative learning solutions are the cornerstones of the modern knowledge economy. At Bonnier B2B we facilitate lifelong learning through both innovative digital learning materials for schools as well as up-to-date corporate learning solutions for businesses across our markets. read more

Decision support

Bonnier B2B aims to assist professionals in their day-to-day operations with accurate decision making. We provide daily decision support through a number of professional solutions ranging from clinical decision support systems for healthcare workers to interactive management literature for decision-makers as well as pricing and forecasting tools for pharmaceutical professionals. read more