Pleasure is Denmark’s most exclusive lifestyle magazine. Filled with the latest news on fashion, food, gadgets, travel and more. In the Pleasure magazine, both women and men find inspiration for new experiences and leisure pursuits out of the ordinary. Pleasure is distributed to the subscribers of the daily paper 18 Thursdays a year and the Business magazine is published 7 Thursday a year. Here you will find articles that go even closer to the Danish business.


Imeline Ajalugu

Imeline Ajalugu is a Bonner-licensed History magazine. Imeline Ajalugu was launched in October 2011. The first issue was printed in 12 000 copies and was sold out on major retail outlets. Subscription sales are close to 5 500 copies. Both Imeline Ajalugu and the previously launched magazine Imeline Teadus are supported by web sites and Facebook activities.

Imeline Teadus

Imeline Teadus (Bonnier-licenced Science Illustrated) was launched in Estonia in November 2010. Imeline Teadus is published monthly and has a circulation of over 14 000 copies. It ranks among TOP 5 monthly magazines by circulation in the country.

National Geographic

National Geographic was launched in Estonia in November 2010. Imeline Teadus is published monthly and has a circulation of over 14 000 copies. It ranks among TOP 5 monthly magazines by circulation in the country.


Verslo Klase

Verslo Klase is a monthly journal that includes analyses of national and global public processes and business outlooks, covers politics and culture, science and technology news, travel impressions, exotic hobbies and exquisite lifestyles. It is a publication that allows the busy entrepreneurs, managers and specialists to satisfy their cultural needs, expand their horizons and introduces the global trends in healthy and sophisticated lifestyles.

Iliustruotasis Mokslas

Iliustruotasis Mokslas (Illustrated Science) is a science journal. As suggested by its name, the journal is full of unique pictures and drawings. Each edition tells about nature, new technologies, space, astronomy or geology, health, psychology and basic sciences. In addition, there are regular columns in the journal: scientific archives, news, answers to questions from readers and crossword puzzles. Illustrated Science was first published by Bonnier Publications, part of Swedish concern Bonnier Group, in Denmark over 25 years ago.

Iliustruotoji Istorija

Iliustruotoji Istorija (Illustrated History) is a history journal.


Puls Biznesu Weekend

Puls Biznesu Weekend is a glossy magazine with lifestyle content. The magazine is distributed every month to subscribers of Puls Piznesu. In Puls Biznesu Weekend one will find interviews with successful people, culture, stories on business tradition, faraway travels, lifestyle, tastes, fashion, health, wine and column stories. The lifestyle content is illustrated with high-quality pictures done by well-known photographers. Puls Biznesu Weekend was launched in September 2011.



Manager is focusing on a wide range of topics targeted to readers interested in company management and leadership. In Manager magazine, which is issued quarterly, you can read about the latest trends in management, success as well as failure stories from Slovenia and abroad. You can also find useful tips and advice on company and employee management, developing new business ideas and learning from other people’s experience. Manager magazine each year publishes a list of the 100 richest Slovenians. The magazine reaches 18,000 people every month. Its readers are influential business people and high spending individuals.

Moje finance

Moje finance is a monthly magazine for people interested in personal investment. It offers individuals advice on how to invest their money wisely, where to buy property, where to take a loan out or where to insure a car. Moje finance magazine is read by 55.000 people every month. Its readers are mostly younger affluent people with families, looking to ensure a safer financial future for themselves and their children.


Trendi is a fashion and lifestyle magazine reaching out for the B2C market. Trendi is issued in six editions per year. Trendi also hosts a live fashion show and a special summer show. The magazine is distributed for free to all subscribers of Finance.