Børsen Executive Club

Børsen Executive Club is an informal forum for opinions and people who would otherwise have difficulty finding time to meet. Our 25-30 programs a year offer an opportunity of inspirational break where distinguished opinion leaders and leaders from around the world share their experiences in business, politics and finance. Børsen Executive Club is not strictly business, but also an opportunity for business leaders to network and be inspired by the ultimate in culinary arts, opera, wine, fashion, music, golf, sailing and much more. The first Gazelle company was selected by Børsen in 1995. Since then, the Gazelle has been a symbol of business growth and adopted by the Danish language. Every year we run a series of events launched in the country’s five regions and seven sub-regions, where Denmark’s fastest-growing companies are honoured with prizes.



Äripäev is one of Estonia’s largest organizers of events for business professionals, organising hundreds of events in a single year. The flagship event is the forward-looking annual Business Plan conference which every autumn brings together the country’s economic elite. Äripäev’s centre for business training organizes training courses for business professionals given by the country’s top trainers.


Verslo Zinios

Since 2003, Verslo Zinios has been holding seminars and conferences on various topics of the contemporary economic life and business and is considered a market leader in this business segment. The conferences attract business leaders, representatives of state institutions, market specialists and experts. The aim of the seminars and conferences is to provide new ideas, knowledge and skills, help find answers to important questions and make useful contacts.


Dagens Medisin’s seminars

Dagens Medisin arranges various seminars, see more on our homepage:


Puls Biznesu

Puls Biznesu is organising a variety of business events all over Poland. In 2011 we organized almost 150 one-day conferences and galas. Among many projects, we produce Business Gazelles (a national ranking of the most dynamic small and medium-sized companies), Stock Exchange Company of the year, Polish Economy Pillars (for local governments), and – for the first time in 2011 – 100 Most Successful Businesswomen. Our conference and business event company Informedia Polska is the biggest independent conference organizer in Poland under two brands: Informedia Polska and ECU Marketing. Informedia Polska focuses on vertical events for specific industries.


Business Academy Finance

Business Academy Finance is one of the most respected organizers of business events in Slovenia. The well-established brands of our big conferences are Portorož Business Conference, Slovenian Marketing Conference, Consultation of Financial Experts, Conference for Energy Experts, Sales Summit, Environmental Meeting. Our focus is to inform the business community about the latest developments in their field of work through quality, high-educational seminars from a different area of business. In yearly contests, we reward Best Annual Business Report, Best Entrepreneurial Business Idea, Patron of the year in the field of Culture and the Best CFO.